About Us

The Astoria Story
Astoria takes its name from the Astoria neighborhood in Queens, New York, which is known for its large Greek population. Astoria, Queens was named after millionaire John Jacob Astor as part of a business deal. In Greek mythology, Asteria was the Titan goddess of falling stars. The word “asteri” refers to stars.

Astoria occupies 5,000 square feet of of a 24,000 square foot building at 5417 Detroit Avenue, near Gordon Square. Astoria incorporates a cafe, bar, and market/deli and its mission is to provide guests and customers with easy access to high-quality imported and domestic food, with an emphasis on the Mediterranean region.

Astoria’s guests enjoy a taste of home, while experiencing new and exciting foods and flavors, assisted by knowledgeable, enthusiastic staff who have a passion for fine imported goods, exemplary hospitality, and contributing to the vitality of Gordon Square, Cleveland, Northeast Ohio, and beyond.

Cory Kobrinski, Chef

Cory Kobrinski is Chef de Cuisine at Astoria. A restaurant-trained chef, he got his start in the culinary world in Portage Lakes, Ohio under chefs Heather Swartz and Dino Reed, specializing in Florida/Caribbean-style cuisine. From there, he moved to The Chowder House Cafe in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, working beside chefs Victor Todaro and Louis Prpich.

“Chef Vic Todaro taught me the importance and beauty of preparing
old-world family recipes that had been passed down from generation to generation.”

In 2011 Cory joined the savory team at Russo’s in Peninsula, Ohio, working under chef Dave Russo and expanding his focus to include Creole/Cajun cuisine. (Chef Russo’s background includes training and working under Emeril Lagasse and Paul Prudhomme in New Orleans, Louisiana.

“Chef Dave Russo is one of the greatest, if not the best minds I have had the pleasure of working with in the kitchen. His influence and teachings have shaped my passion for the culinary world.”

At Astoria, Cory further expands his repertoire to include the flavors, freshness, health benefits and old-world traditions of Mediterranean cuisine.

“I think the most wonderful thing in the world is another chef. I’m always excited about learning new things about food.”
— Paul Prudhomme

Outside of the kitchen, Cory is an award-winning jazz saxophonist and accomplished touring/studio musician.